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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things Plenti. With multiple how-to guides, videos, links and FAQs, the Vendor Resource Hub has everything you need to get started.


Plenti's vendor guides

Beginning your vendor journey with Plenti might have you wondering how everything works well together. To help with this, we've created handy guides for everything vendors need to know to get started at Plenti. Take a look below to see what's in each guide.

Information guides

We have created helpful guides to get you up to speed with all things renewable at Plenti. You can find these guides below.

Document submissions

We have collated information on how to efficiently send and upload invoices and documents with Plenti. You can find the guide below.

Download Plenti's user guides


Frequently Asked Questions

We've made it easier to find the answers to the most common questions asked during onboarding.

Comprehensive green loans guide


Projects you can assist clients in funding

Plenti's renewable energy loans can be used for a range of products. 

Plenti is proudly supported by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

The CEFC is responsible for investing $10 billion in clean energy projects on behalf of the Australian Government. The CEFC lowers Australia’s carbon emissions by investing in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low emissions technologies.


Fast and simple process

We know that in our industry, time is money.

Our systems and processes make it easier to process your finance and get your customers approved and systems installed.

  • Instant approvals on Zero Interest Payment Plans
  • Green Loan approvals in less than 4 hours
  • Money in your account within 24 hours of settlement

Meet the Green Lending Team


To be eligible for our Zero Interest Repayment Plan your customer must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a valid driver licence, Medicare Card or Australian Passport
  • Own (or be purchasing) their own home
  • Have a clear credit file
  • Be employed >25 hours a week, a self-funded retiree or receiving a government pension

Further eligibility requirements may apply. In some cases we may require the customer's bank statement and latest electricity bill.

Vendors and installers at Plenti have four main points of contact they can reach out to if they need assistance with anything.

Business Development Managers

Your BDM is there to help and assist you with anything you may need. Reaching out via a phone call is the quickest way to get in touch – you may also send an email. Contact information for BDMs can be found here.

Relationship Managers

Like BDMs, your RM is also there to support you and assist in answering any questions you may have. Phone calls are the best way to get in touch, but their inboxes are also open for emails. Contact information for RMs can be found here.

Broker Support

For any general enquiries, you can reach out to Renewable Support via phone at 1300 502 028 or email at

Live Chat

Plenti also supports a Live Chat function within the Broker Portal – once you gain access to the portal, you can chat with Broker Support live.

Submitting an invoice with Plenti is simple. Just ensure that you invoice has the following minimum requirements before submitting:

1. Unique invoice number

2. Supplier details in full

3. Plenti applicant’s full name and current address (we cannot accept a partner’s name)

4. Exact model numbers of panels and inverters (brand, size and model numbers for batteries), and STC amount included

5. Business banking details for payment

6. System size and CEC accredited installer’s name

For further information, check out the guide we have created on invoice submission here.