Financial support for your clients

We provide responsible finance for your clients to pay their legal fees in family law matters. For them, it means leveling the playing field. For you, it means the freedom to support more matters without impacting the firm's working capital.

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Why Legal Finance

Grow your firm without carrying client costs

With legal finance in place, you can attract more matters, manage better client relationships and bolster your working capital.

Improve your cash flows

We pay your invoices after they’re approved by your client, removing the burden of carrying fees.

Focus on advice

Unpaid fees place strain on client and third-party relationships. Legal finance removes this pressure.

A trusted partner

Our dedicated legal finance team are proud to support lawyers from over 250 law firms across Australia.

how legal finance works
How it works

Financial stress relief

We’ve worked hard to make it easy for your clients to access legal finance, so you can stay focused on what’s important.

Refer clients through our portal

We’ll contact them and provide all the information they need to complete an application for legal finance.

Easy online application

Once your client applies, we’ll contact you for a summary of the case. Once the application is approved, we provide your client with a responsible credit limit.

We pay your invoices

You submit requests for payment through our online portal and we pay your invoices upon client approval.

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Get started

Start referring your clients in three easy steps

1. Become an accredited firm

Complete your accreditation form online. It only takes a few minutes and one of our dedicated team members will reach out to assist you with onboarding.

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