How do I apply?

When you’re ready to apply for a legal loan, you’ll want to gather all required documents and information before you begin.  

If you’re applying for a Plenti Legal Loan, you’ll need to be working with a Plenti-accredited lawyer. If you are working with a lawyer who isn’t accredited with us yet, you’ll need to ensure they get in touch with us to do so before we can approve your loan

Once you’ve confirmed your lawyer’s accreditation, you should review the eligibility criteria to ensure you qualify. To review, when borrowing with Plenti, you must meet these requirements:

  • You must be involved with a family law matter
  • There must be a property settlement component and a clear entitlement to some property division under the Family Law Act
  • You must be able to provide some form of security against the loan (this is usually via caveat over real property – whether on title or not – but we may consider other forms of security)
  • You must be an Australian resident, with the majority of your assets in Australia

In addition, before a legal loan is approved, the matter should have progressed to a point where the main issues in dispute are known and the pool is well established.  Regardless of the size of the loan, it is also important to be able to demonstrate how the loan will be repaid at settlement - i.e. by cash received, selling assets or by a refinance. 

When you apply, you’ll need the following documents to get started: 

  • A balance sheet outlining both side’s view of the pool (where available)
  • Current mortgage statement for all properties (where available)
  • Title searches for all properties (where available)
  • Appraisals for all properties (where available)
  • Business valuations (where available)

When you’ve reviewed your eligibility and gathered the required documents, you can apply online using our convenient application portal. 

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