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Plenti partners with The Good Car Company to make EVs more affordable

Plenti has partnered with The Good Car Company, Australia's first online EV retailer, to help more Australians access EV financing through our fast, convenient and all-digital process.

Plenti Group Limited (Plenti) has signed a partnership with The Good Car Company, Australia’s first online EV retailer, to make its EV finance available to customers purchasing EVs with the Good Car Company. 

The partnership makes Plenti’s fast and convenient, digital end-to-end finance options available as customers progress through The Good Car Company online purchasing journey. 

Plenti’s EV finance solutions and attractive rates make the upfront cost of EVs more affordable, helping Australian consumers to transition more rapidly to EV ownership. 

Plenti’s uniquely flexible finance options allow customers to purchase new and used EVs, delivered by Australian dealerships as well as those imported from Japan and the United Kingdom. It also provides the flexibility to add on finance to cover the cost of insurance, EV chargers, home batteries and solar panels. 

Describing the partnership, Plenti CEO Daniel Foggo said: “We’re delighted The Good Car Company recognised our ability to leverage our technology capabilities to integrate with their own car purchase journey, to help make the purchase and financing of an EV as simple as possible for the customer. We are also pleased to be helping even more Australians overcome the upfront cost of transitioning to EV ownership by providing cost-effective and simple finance solutions” 

The Good Car Company Co-founder Anthony Broese van Groenou said: “This important finance integration makes EV ownership within the reach of everyday Australians so we can move together towards a clean energy future.” 

The partnership with The Good Car Company is Plenti’s most recent EV retailer partnership and reflects Plenti’s ongoing commitment to accelerating EV ownership in Australia.

Plenti recently commissioned a study, Solar charged EVs in Australia, prepared by Accenture,  which demonstrates the significant savings Australian households could achieve by switching to EV ownership. This report shows that EVs are now cost-competitive with combustion engine vehicles over their lifecycle, and that households can save money by coupling the purchase of an EV with the purchase of a solar battery system. 

Plenti loans are available now through The Good Car Company.

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