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Provision Fund and Loan Book Update: Q2 FY21

Explore our quarterly report in relation to the Plenti Lending Platform (PLP) loan book and the performance of the provision fund.

We are pleased to provide a quarterly data report in relation to the Plenti Lending Platform (PLP) loan book. The PLP is a registered managed investment scheme with over 20,000 members (who are predominantly retail investors) and is one of the diverse funding platforms utilised by Plenti to originate loans.

The data in this post is intended to provide members who invest via the PLP with transparency as to the credit characteristics of the PLP loan book and information in relation to the Provision Fund. Shareholders in Plenti Group Limited should be aware that the data provided only relates to the PLP and does not provide a complete picture of Plenti’s total loan portfolio. In particular, it does not include data on loans funded via warehouse structures and the Plenti Wholesale Lending Platform.

Provision Fund coverage ratio

Throughout the COVID-19 period, we have sought to keep investors updated on our credit performance and our expectations regarding the Provision Fund’s ability to protect investors from loss.

The Provision Fund buffer has increased to $18.82 million as at 30 September 2020. Accordingly, the Provision Fund coverage ratio has now also increased to ~157% of expected credit losses.

We are pleased that despite the significant economic disruption caused by COVID-19, the Provision Fund has continued to compensate investors for all borrower late payments and defaults and the Provision Fund coverage ratio remains above 100%.

Note that the Provision Fund is not an insurance product nor a guarantee. You should read the PDS for more information about the Provision Fund.

Provision Fund and expected loss data as at 30 September 2020

Loan book update

Investors can download the PLP loan book via the below link.

The updated loan book listing contains information about every loan originated through the PLP since our launch until 30 September 2020.

We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of consumer lending. Open data allows those investing in consumer loans and applying for personal loans to make informed decisions, ensuring consumer lenders like Plenti are accountable for the quality of loans they facilitate.

Download loan book

Data in the loan book listing includes loan amounts, interest rates, loan purpose and anonymised information related to borrowers such as age, gender, state/territory of residence, employment status, income bracket and homeownership status.

PLP lending statistics as at 30 September 2020

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