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Plenti Lending Platform: December 2021 Quarterly Data Report

Plenti is pleased to provide its quarterly data report in relation to the Plenti Lending Platform (PLP) loan book.

Shareholders in Plenti should be aware that the data provided in this report only relates to the PLP and does not provide a complete picture of Plenti’s total loan portfolio. Shareholders should refer to Plenti’s ASX releases for data in relation to the performance of the entire Plenti loan portfolio.

1Lending statistics since inception

An important feature of the PLP is the Provision Fund. The Provision Fund comprises cash held on trust for the benefit of members who invest via the PLP and is designed to help protect them from loss in the event a borrower misses a payment or defaults.  Information on the Provision Fund position at 31 December 2021 is set out below.

1 Funds currently held as cash at bank
2 Expected Provision Fund inflows represents contracted PLP borrower contributions to the Provision Fund due over the lifetime of outstanding PLP loans, adjusted to reflect expected early repayments and bad debt
3 Provision Fund buffer is the sum of money in the Provision Fund and expected future Provision Fund inflows
4 Provision Fund coverage ratio is calculated as estimated future lifetime losses from the current PLP loan book over the Provision Fund buffer

PLP loan and borrower characteristics at 31 December 2021 (based on principal outstanding)

Further information regarding loans funded via the Plenti Lending Platform can be accessed here

Loan book update

Investors can download the PLP loan book via the below link.

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