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Plenti Dream Index: What Women Want

In the latest edition of the Plenti Dream Index, we surveyed more than 2,200 people to better understand how the financial priorities, goals and concerns of men and women differ. The results? We may not be so different after all.

  • For those readying to start a family, women are less concerned than men about acquiring or repaying a mortgage (33% vs 41%)
  • Overall, women considered building a nest egg as a greater priority than men did (39% vs 32%)
  • Overall, women were twice as likely as men to prioritise saving for a big purchase (17% vs 8%)
  • Women were significantly more concerned than men about unexpected expenses, including an increase in their cost of living (46% vs 36%)
  • Parents of young children of both genders were equally concerned with acquiring or repaying a mortgage (~45% for both)
  • Women and men prioritised building a nest egg at similar rates (19% vs 13%)
  • Women and men were equally concerned about planning for a major purchase (16% for both)

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