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Over 55s Drive Growth in Sharing Economy

Who's driving growth in the sharing economy? The answer might surprise you.

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  • 65% of Australians used a sharing economy service within the previous six months
  • Online marketplaces for goods remain the most popular sharing economy service, with 54% of respondents having used such a service within the previous six months. However, a number of services have significantly increased in usage over the same period, with 24% of Australians now using ride-sharing and 15% using accommodation sharing services.
  • Over a third (38%) of Australians spend at least $50 a month on sharing economy services, with 35-44 year olds spending the most, averaging a monthly spend of $138
  • Australians are finding opportunities through the sharing economy to earn extra income, with 22% of respondents earning at least $50 per month through Sharing Economy services
  • 68% of respondents indicated a willingness to use each of the seven sharing economy services surveyed
  • Australians’ willingness to use sharing economy services is growing strongly, with 26% of respondents showing substantial increases in trust compared to six months ago
  • Ridesharing and online marketplaces for goods showed the largest increases in trust, compared to six months ago
  • Factors affecting Australians’ current trust in sharing economy services remain largely unchanged compared to six months ago, with the most common factor affecting trust being a perceived lack of personal safety (50%), which crept up 2% compared to six months ago
  • Three quarters (75%) of Australians intend to use at least one sharing economy service in the next six months
  • Appetite to use sharing economy services was strong across all services surveyed, with accommodation sharing, ridesharing and online outsourcing demonstrating the largest potential growth in the near future
  • Newer sharing economy services such as online outsourcing and consumer loans have the biggest relative potential for growth in usage
  • 59% of Australians say they would consider using a sharing economy service to supplement their income, with online marketplaces for goods (50%), ride sharing (12%) and online outsourcing (10%) topping the list of preferred money makers

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