Product1 May 20234 minute read

Notes Market - New ABS notes available

Today we’re announcing the launch of a new Notes Market investment opportunity. Notes Market loans now provide investors with exposure to Plenti’s 2022 PL & Green G-Notes.

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  • Economic exposure to an asset class traditionally reserved for institutional investors
  • Access to potentially attractive returns
  • Regular interest payments
  • Potential Provision Fund protection
  • Risk mitigation including parent company guarantees in relation to the payment of interest
  • Poor performance of underlying loans in ABS trust
  • Economic exposure to the most subordinated note in the ABS structure
  • Risk of default on the payment of interest
  • Investment term may be longer or shorter than the indicative term displayed in your Plenti Account
  • Note Purchase Loans have limited recourse to actual payments of principal and interest in respect of ABS notes
  • Not all loans funded through the Plenti 2022 PL & Green ABS are sustainably focussed