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Plenti launches Dream Index

Plenti put out the call for a sneak preview of consumers’ financial dreams and goals in 2022, and the verdict is in with almost 2,000 respondents participating in a survey that was completed in late December 2021.

  1. The vast majority (97.4%) of respondents have clear financial goals for the coming year, with only 2.6% having no financial goals
  2. The largest cohort of respondents, at 49%, said their main financial goal for 2022 was to save money, whilst 16% said it was to make a major purchase such as a car or holiday, while slightly behind 15% said they their main financial goal related to investing
  3. 41% of respondents said they expect to incur a major expense in 2022 which had been postponed from 2021.
  4. Where such an expense had been postponed from 2021, 45% of respondents said the delay was due at least partially to the impacts of COVID-19
  5. The 2022 financial goals for 44% of respondents included an investment in home improvements or home renovations
  6. Meanwhile, 33% of respondents said one of their financial goal for 2022 was to consolidate their debts
  7. Despite the uncertainty swirling around us, financial goals for international travel just pipped domestic travel plans, at 28% versus 26% of respondents
  8. 34% of respondents said they plan to spend more in 2022 than they did in 2021, whilst 44% expect to spend around the same
  9. Less than 10% expect their planned expenditures to be delayed until 2023, suggesting 2022 is the year they will make it happen

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