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Plenti Sharing Economy Trust Index 2016

Learn who is behind the surge in the Australia share economy

How do I compare personal loans?
  • Over 60% of Australians used a sharing economy service within the previous 6 months
  • Over 68% of Australians intend to use a sharing economy service in the near future, an increase of 27 percentage points compared with six months ago
  • Online Marketplaces for goods remain the most popular sharing economy service, with 53% of respondents having used such a service within the previous 6 months. However, a number of services have significantly increased in usage over the same period, with 16% of Australians now using Ride Sharing and 14% using Accommodation Sharing
  • Newer sharing economy services like Consumer Lending and Online Outsourcing have the highest discrepancy between current use and expected future use, showing they are well poised for growth
  • About a third (34%) of Australians spend at least $50 a month on sharing economy services, with millennials (25-34) spending the most, averaging $120 each month
  • 21% of respondents earn at least $50 per month through sharing economy services
  • Factors affecting Australians’ current trust in sharing economy services remain largely unchanged compared to 6 months ago, with the most common factor affecting trust being a lack of understanding of how such services work (49%), though this is down 2% compared to 6 months ago

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