No withdrawal of funds until the end of lending market indicative term

You are only able to withdraw (or reinvest) your funds at the end of the indicative term of the lending market in which they are invested, except where i) they are repaid to you through scheduled payments, ii) they are repaid to you by a borrower as a result of the borrower making an additional payment or repaying their loan early or iii) you are compensated by the Provision Fund.

When the early access transfer feature is available, you may be able to request an early access transfer to exit an investment in a loan before the end of its indicative term, provided there are funds from other lenders to replace your interests in that loan. An early access transfer request will not be fulfilled where, inter alia, the value of lender orders in that lending market following execution of the order would be less than the early access transfer market value limit or replacement funders would be matched to the relevant facilitating loan at a rate above the early access transfer rate limit, such limits as set by us from time to time and published on our website. The availability of the early access transfer feature is not guaranteed and may cease to be available to lenders without warning.

See Section 7.12 of the Product Disclosure Statement for more information on early access transfers.

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