How do we manage credit risk?

Plenti has a number of measures in place to help mitigate risks to investors. To date, all investors have received their principal and interest repayments.

Plenti only funds loans to creditworthy borrowers. Before any borrower is approved for a loan, they undergo a stringent underwriting process performed by in-house underwriters. Borrowers are identity checked, credit checked and risk assessed. Plenti only matches investors with creditworthy Australian-resident borrowers. You can view statistics about our credit performance by registering as an investor (this is free and there is no obligation to invest).

In the event that a borrower defaults on their loan, we (or a third party on our behalf) may act to collect overdue payments, including appointing an external collections agency or using available legal remedies, including where appropriate, court action. If a loan is secured, collection actions may include the secured asset being repossessed or sold. Plenti has the sole discretion to determine what actions if any are taken to recover funds from a borrower.

In addition to our stringent underwriting standards and established collections processes, Plenti investors may be protected by our unique Provision Fund. In the event of a late payment or borrower default, the Provision Fund may compensate investors for loss. The Provision Fund is not a guarantee nor an insurance product, but thanks to the Provision Fund, no investor has lost a cent of principal or interest due to them. Our number one objective is to maintain this track record on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about the Provision Fund.

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