Why were my funds in the 1 Month Rolling market not returned to my holding account at the end of the indicative term?

When you invest via the 1 Month Rolling market you are funding loans up to 36 months in term. Typically, the 1 Month Rolling market provides you an opportunity to exit your investment each month (or earlier if a borrower makes an early payment). This is subject to there being sufficient funds from replacement funders to replace your investment at that time.

If you did not receive your funds at the end of the one-month indicative term, there may not have been sufficient funds available from replacement funders to replace your investments in loans.

Importantly, until repaid to you, your funds will remain on loan and you will continue to earn a return at the same interest rate. You will also continue to benefit from Provision Fund protection if one or more borrowers miss payments or default on their loan. You can see additional details about the loans to which you remain matched, and any expected future payments from borrowers, in your Plenti Account.

Your funds will be returned to your holding account as borrowers make payments and/or as funds from replacement funders are available to replace your investment. See FAQ below for further details.

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