Unsecured renovation loans

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  • Kitchens are the most popular choice (26% of respondents)
  • Living Room upgrades accounted for 23% of renovations, with the trend to open plan living and indoor/outdoor spaces maintaining popularity
  • Bedroom renovations were surprisingly the third most popular project, potentially including adding additional bedrooms moving up into the roofspace
  • Bathroom renovations are always important, with 17% of renovation plans including upgrades or additional bathrooms for home life harmony
  • The last two years of your personal and/or business tax returns
  • Financial statements showing the profit/losses accrued by your business
  • Recent bank statements
  • Documents showing outstanding loans or credit card debts
  • Proof of rental income from any rental properties may you have
  • An Australian driver’s license, passport or a proof of age card
  • A Notice of Assessment given to you by the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) for the past two years
  • Your business’ ABN, address and licenses
  • Pay your rent, mortgage and utility bills on time
  • Make credit card repayments on time and try to pay more than the minimum repayment
  • Lower your credit card limit
  • Limit how many applications you make for credit

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