Smart people building smarter processes

Our operations team exists to keep all parts of the company rolling smoothly, iterating on our processes to create more efficiency in all that we do. With constantly evolving priorities, each member of the operations team plays a crucial role in the ongoing success of the company. With its finger on the pulse at every minute, the operations team is a solutions-oriented organisation, packed with forward-thinking problem solvers.


Our approach to operations

Collective support

Members of the operations team are constantly tuned into the unique needs of the departments they serve. However, despite the dynamic nature of their work, the operations team provides a uniquely supportive environment, which champions teamwork, collaboration and curiosity.

Ready to join the operations team?

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“Our team is one of the best – it can be challenging solving any business task on your own, but having a great team behind you it makes it easier. When we’re collaborating, it’s always a safe space to spitball ideas to come up with an overall business outcome that is effective. Your voice is always heard in any collaboration.“

-Jennifer Pope, Operations Manager

"Working in operations at Plenti is fantastic. You get to have a visible impact on how we interact with our customers. By using data and insights, we can guide a customer experience with Plenti to leave a smile on their face."

Blair Redfern, Operations Manager

”We understand that we cannot fix everything overnight, but we have a culture of pushing ourselves to find the most eloquent solution to a problem. We allow ourselves time to plan and experiment with new ideas, but when we fail we make sure that we fail fast and move on.”

-Johann Mentz, Senior Operations Manager