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Corporate governance

Plenti’s Board of Directors is responsible for establishing and overseeing the Company’s corporate governance framework.

The Board strives to build sustainable value for shareholders whilst protecting the assets and reputation of Plenti, and in doing so the Board seeks to ensure that Plenti, its Directors, officers and staff operate within an effective and appropriate governance structure.

The Board has created a framework for managing Plenti, including the adoption of relevant internal controls, risk management processes and corporate governance policies, principles and practices. Relevant charters, policies and other corporate governance documentation are shared below.

Corporate governance statement

22 Sep 2020Corporate governance statementDownload


22 Sep 2020Board charterDownload
22 Sep 2020Audit and risk management charterDownload
22 Sep 2020Nomination and remuneration
committee charter

Other policies and documents

22 Sep 2020Anti-bribery and corruption policyDownload
22 Sep 2020Code of conductDownload
22 Sep 2020Continuous disclosure policyDownload
22 Sep 2020Diversity policyDownload
22 Sep 2020Securities trading policyDownload
22 Sep 2020Securityholder communication policyDownload
22 Sep 2020Whistleblower policyDownload