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$50 bonus when you invest $1,000+ in the 5 Year Income lending market before 30 November

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Over 20,000 registered investors

$700M+ loans funded

100% of principal and interest returned

ASIC regulated and licensed to accept all Australian investors

Capital at risk. See important information and disclaimers below.

Earn $50 bonus when you invest $1,000+ in the 5 Year Income lending market before 30 November 2020

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Strong, attractive returns

You can earn up to 6.5% p.a. by investing in a portfolio of consumer loans to creditworthy borrowers. We have a 100% track record of delivering all interest and principal due.

Stable asset class

Personal loans, car loans and green loans should not be the sole dominion of large financial institutions. We give everyday Australians the opportunity to enjoy the stable returns offered by investing in this asset class.

Flexible investment options

Choose to invest in lending markets with indicative terms from 1 month – 7 years. You’ll receive regular payments as borrowers repay their loans, which you can choose to automatically reinvest.


The Provision Fund is a unique way to help protect your investment

While we only match investors with loans to creditworthy borrowers, Plenti offers a unique, additional buffer to help manage risk – the Provision Fund.

Each borrower pays a fee into the Provision Fund, a pool of funds held in cash by a separate trustee. In the event a borrower misses a repayment or defaults on their loan, the Provision Fund can step in to protect investors. Whilst the Provision Fund has a 100% track record of protecting investors, it is not a guarantee.


Provision Fund buffer*


Principal and interest returned

Investing is as simple as 1,2,3.


Register with us

Complete your registration online in minutes. You can register individually or as a company or SMSF trustee.

Deposit funds

Transfer in funds

Transfer funds through BPAY or bank transfer. Funds typically arrive the next business day.

Place order

Invest in loans

Choose the lending market you want to invest in, select your rate and get matched with creditworthy borrowers.

You’ve got questions we’ve got answers.

Can I invest with Plenti?

Individuals, companies and trusts (including SMSFs) can invest with Plenti. To invest as an individual with Plenti, you must have an Australian bank account and be at least 18 years of age. Before investing you should make sure you read and understand our Product Disclosure Statement.

How do I start investing?

You can register to invest with Plenti online in just 5 minutes. Once we have approved your registration, you will be able to transfer funds into your account, select the lending market you wish to invest in, set your rate and have your funds matched with loans to creditworthy borrowers.

For more information about investing, you should see the Product Disclosure Statement.

What are the fees when investing?

Investors are charged an interest margin fee of an amount equivalent to 10% of the gross interest they receive from borrowers. This is charged whenever an interest payment is received. Investors do not earn interest on funds in their holding account, as interest earned on the bank account that holds Plenti investors’ funds is retained by Plenti. Management costs also include borrower fees. Read our Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

Importantly, all lending rates displayed on the Plenti site take into account the fees you are required to pay. The rate you see is the rate you get, subject to a few important assumptions. Learn more about how we calculate and display rates.

Who am I lending to?

We facilitate lending to creditworthy Australian-resident individuals. Our average borrower earns an income of $84,000 and is 40 years old. Borrowers are typically seeking loans for purposes such as consolidating debts, purchasing a car or renovating their home. In our National Clean Energy lending market, borrowers are seeking funds for the purchase and installation of clean energy equipment, such as solar panels and batteries.

At Plenti, we do the work for you. We carefully examine an applicant’s credit file and circumstances to understand their financial position and ability to repay the loan. Our standards mean that we are not able to assist a large majority of borrowers that submit an enquiry.

Plenti provides a confidential lending service. The only details you are provided about a loan to whom your funds are matched to is a reference number. All identity, credit, affordability and suitability checking is performed by Plenti and is not displayed on our website. However, Plenti publishes a full loan book that sets out details (including loan amounts, interest rates and purposes) on every loan funded to help you understand more about the profile and performance of our loans.

For more information, you should see the Product Disclosure Statement.

How do we manage credit risk?

Plenti has a number of measures in place to help mitigate risks to investors. To date, all investors have received their principal and interest repayments.

Plenti only funds loans to creditworthy borrowers. Before any borrower is approved for a loan, they undergo a stringent underwriting process performed by in-house underwriters. Borrowers are identity checked, credit checked and risk assessed. Plenti only matches investors with creditworthy Australian-resident borrowers. You can view statistics about our credit performance by registering as an investor (this is free and there is no obligation to invest).

In the event that a borrower defaults on their loan, we (or a third party on our behalf) may act to collect overdue payments, including appointing an external collections agency or using available legal remedies, including where appropriate, court action. If a loan is secured, collection actions may include the secured asset being repossessed or sold. Plenti has the sole discretion to determine what actions if any are taken to recover funds from a borrower.

In addition to our stringent underwriting standards and established collections processes, Plenti investors may be protected by our unique Provision Fund. In the event of a late payment or borrower default, the Provision Fund may compensate investors for loss. The Provision Fund is not a guarantee nor an insurance product, but thanks to the Provision Fund, no investor has lost a cent of principal or interest due to them. Our number one objective is to maintain this track record on an ongoing basis.

Learn more about the Provision Fund.


What are the risks associated with investing in consumer loans?

As with every investment, investing in the RateSetter Lending Platform (ARSN 169 500 449) (known as the Plenti Lending Platform) is not without risk.

Borrower late payment or default

A borrower or series of borrowers to whom your funds are lent may delay or stop payment on a loan or default on a loan. You may be protected by Plenti making a claim to the Provision Fund, however, there is no guarantee nor warranty as to any protection from the Provision Fund, and as such you may suffer financial loss as a consequence of borrower late payment or default.

Provision Fund protection

The Provision Fund is not an insurance product and we cannot guarantee or warrant that you will be compensated. Plenti has discretion as to whether to make a claim and may determine to only make a partial claim or not to make any claim if, amongst other reasons, there are insufficient funds in the Provision Fund to cover all expected claims in relation to existing loans.

If you are not compensated by the Provision Fund in the event of borrower late payment or default, you may benefit from a number of debt collection or recovery processes that Plenti may undertake, which may or may not recover any funds.

Deposit guarantee

Your investment is not a deposit and does not have the benefit of protection under the Financial Claims Scheme as it may have if it were an amount deposited with an Australian ADI.

Indicative loan term

In the 1 Month Rolling market, your funds may need to remain on loan to a borrower beyond the indicative term. This may occur if, at the end of the indicative term, there are insufficient lender funds available to replace your funds in a loan. This period could be as long as an additional thirty five months.

If your funds in the 1 Month Rolling market are committed to a loan beyond the indicative term, your funds may be returned to your holding account if your investment in the relevant loan is able to be replaced with the funds of a different investor. If your funds are committed for a longer period, you may continue to receive payments and the interest rate should remain the same.

Your investment may also be longer than the indicative term in the event that a borrower or series of borrowers to whom your funds are matched are late in making payment and you are not compensated by the Provision Fund or other collection or recovery efforts.

”Earn up to” rate represents the last matched rate in the 5 Year Income lending market as at 8pm, 25 September 2020. Rates are not set by Plenti and are subject to supply and demand of borrower and investor funds in each market.

Terms and conditions apply. Offer ends 30 November 2020.

^Rates shown are last matched rates, displayed on an annualised basis and net of applicable fees as at 8pm, 25 September 2020. Lender rates may assume payments received are continually reinvested at the stated rate and assume your investment is protected by the Provision Fund in the event of any borrower late payment or default, however, there is no guarantee nor warranty as to any protection from the Provision Fund. Fees apply for using early access feature. See the Product Disclosure Statement for details.

*The Provision Fund buffer is the sum of money held in the Provision Fund and the expected Provision Fund future inflows from outstanding loans due over the lifetime of loans, adjusted to reflect expected early repayments, payment holidays and bad debt. Whilst we’re extremely proud of the Provision Fund’s 100% track record, it is not a guarantee of future performance. Data as at 8pm, 25 September 2020. Capital is at risk. Read the Product Disclosure Statement for more information.

All figures stated represent the Plenti Lending Platform (ARSN 169 500 449) only unless stated otherwise.

Provision Fund is not a guarantee, capital at risk. Read more about our Provision Fund.