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Making Investing Faster and Simpler

We are making important changes to our lending markets to help make investing faster, simpler and more predictable.

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  • reducing rate volatility in lending markets to make setting your investment rate simpler and more transparent.
  • increasing liquidity in lending markets to help facilitate use of the early access feature.
  • ensuring our loan offering remains competitive, to increase the opportunities for investors to fund loans to creditworthy borrowers.
  • helping us to maintain a cautious approach when determining borrower Provision Fund charges, to reduce the risk of your investments.
  • Allow Plenti to attract better credit quality loan applicants and provision greater amounts to cover expected credit losses, therefore helping to improve overall risk-adjusted returns to investors.
  • Increase the investment opportunities available to investors, given greater rate certainty and in some instances, lower rates will help to ensure Plenti's loan offering continues to remain an attractive option for borrowers.
  • Provide investors with a simpler investment experience, with greater rate certainty, lower reinvestment risk and reduced administration.
  • 1 Month Rolling: 4.4% p.a.
  • 3 Year Income: 5.5% p.a.
  • 5 Year Income: 6.2% p.a.
  • National Clean Energy: 6.0% p.a.
  • SA Renewable Energy: 4.4% p.a.
  • Rates at which we can continue to attract creditworthy borrowers;
  • Ability for us to increase the investment opportunities for our investors; and
  • Ensuring that we can continue to charge appropriate levels of risk provisioning to the Provision Fund.
  • Investors will be notified if any subsequent changes to maximum rates are made. 

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Written byGlenn Riddell
Glenn co-founded Plenti in May 2014 and has broad experience in building disruptive finance platforms, and in the retail lending industry since 2007.