Can I get a personal loan if I work as a casual?

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  • Can you prove you’ve been consistently employed for a considerable amount of time? You may need to show pay slips and a letter from your employer.
  • Does your income exceed the minimum income criteria? To be eligible for a Plenti car loan, you must earn over $25,000 per year from a provable, regular source of income.
  • Can you show proof of savings? If lenders can see that you’re capable of setting aside money for loan repayments, they’re more likely to view you as a trustworthy borrower.
  • Select a less expensive purchase so you can borrow a smaller amount
  • Save for a deposit so you can borrow a smaller amount
  • Check and improve your credit score
  • Paying your rent, mortgage and utility bills on time
  • Making credit card repayments on time and paying more than the minimum repayment
  • Lowering your credit card limit
  • Limiting how many applications you make for credit 

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