How do I charge an EV?

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  1. With a traditional socket, at home or elsewhere. 
    This is the slowest option, but it’s a good backup in a pinch. Most vehicles come with a cord that can plug directly into a three-prong wall socket, though some will require an adapter for the plug.
  2. With a wall box from your manufacturer.
    Around 80% of EV owners charge their vehicle this way. Using a wall box charger, your EV will power up much more quickly than with a traditional socket. Boxes are usually installed somewhere around the home, typically in a garage or driveway. There are also several thousand public wall boxes for EV charging across Australia.
  3. Fast chargers
    These are the chargers you’ll find at dedicated charging stations. With these speedy chargers, most EV drivers can power up their car in under an hour. Currently, there are 110 fast charging sites across Australia, with more than 250 chargers across them. Certain car manufacturers allow their new EV customers to use their charging networks free of charge, such as Tesla and Mercedes, which utilises the nation’s largest network, Chargefox. 

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