How far can an EV go?

On average, the range on an electric vehicle (EV) is between 300-400 km. More affordable EVs typically have shorter ranges, such as the MG HS EV, which has a 263 km range. Higher-end electric vehicles tend to have longer ranges, such as the Tesla Model S, which has a 500 km range.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) tend to have much shorter electric ranges, as they are powered by both an electric battery and petrol, meaning you can go short distances using electricity and longer distances using the petrol or diesel engine. PHEVs can typically travel 40-90 kms on electric power. These vehicles also offer the benefit of greater fuel efficiency when the petrol engine is running, as the electric engine is engaged during stop-and-start traffic.

While these ranges may seem short, keep in mind that the average Australian driver travels about 36 km per day, meaning the average person could charge their vehicle just once a week while commuting as usual.

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