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Earn attractive returns of up to 6.5% p.a.* investing in consumer loans to creditworthy borrowers.

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Fixed income made easy

Investing in bank stocks used to be one of the only ways to gain exposure to the consumer credit market. Now there's Plenti.

Earn up to 6.5% p.a.*

Invest in loans to creditworthy borrowers from across Australia.

Automatic reinvestments

Take advantage of compounding interest by automatically reinvesting your principal and interest.

Early access

Funds earmarked for something special? You may be able to take advantage of our early access feature.


Find an investment term to meet your needs

1-month rolling

Earn up to 4.3% p.a.* Invest for an indicative 1 month term with monthly principal and interest repayments.

3-year income

Earn up to 5.4% p.a.* Invest for indicative 3 year term with monthly principal and interest repayments.

5-year income

Earn up to 6.5% p.a.* Invest for indicative 5 year term with monthly principal and interest repayments.

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The Plenti app provides you with a simple and convenient way to manage your investments anywhere, anytime.

Earn on the go

View rates, place orders and manage your automatic reinvestment settings from the palm of your hand.

Transfer and move funds

With the tap of a finger you can transfer, withdraw or move funds on market from your holding account.


Investing by the numbers

Investing is a numbers game. And when it comes to numbers, we're confident ours will tick all of the right boxes for you.


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funded to everyday Australians

Start investing today with as little as $10

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Provision Fund

The Provision Fund, our secret sauce

Plenti offers a unique, additional buffer to help manage risk for fixed income investors. Plenti borrowers pay a fee into the Provision Fund, a pool of funds held in cash by a separate trustee. In the event a borrower misses a repayment or defaults on their loan, the Provision Fund can step in to protect investors.

Whilst the Provision Fund has a 100% track record of protecting investors, it is not a guarantee and you should read the PDS before making an investment decision.


Investment risk and the Plenti Lending Platform

As with every investment, investing with Plenti is not without risk.

No deposit guarantee

Your investment is not a deposit and does not have the benefit of depositor protection laws as it would have if it were an amount deposited with an Australian ADI.

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