Loan Book Update: September 2018

Loan book update: September 2018

We’re pleased to release an update to the Plenti^ loan book. The updated loan book contains information about every loan originated through Plenti (then known as RateSetter) since our launch in late 2014 until 30 September 2018, when we passed $350 million in consumer loans funded.

We believe that transparency is the cornerstone of consumer lending. Open data allows those investing in consumer loans and applying for personal loans to make informed decisions, ensuring consumer lenders like Plenti are accountable for the quality of loans they facilitate.

Download the loan book data

Data in the loan book includes loan amounts, interest rates, loan purpose and anonymised information related to borrowers such as age, gender, state/territory of residence, employment status, income bracket and homeownership status.

Glenn Riddell

Written By Glenn Riddell

^Plenti was known as RateSetter prior to August 2020.