Who can I go to for help?

Vendors and installers at Plenti have four main points of contact they can reach out to if they need assistance with anything.

Business Development Managers

Your BDM is there to help and assist you with anything you may need. Reaching out via a phone call is the quickest way to get in touch – you may also send an email. Contact information for BDMs can be found here.

Relationship Managers

Like BDMs, your RM is also there to support you and assist in answering any questions you may have. Phone calls are the best way to get in touch, but their inboxes are also open for emails. Contact information for RMs can be found here.

Broker Support

For any general enquiries, you can reach out to Renewable Support via phone at 1300 502 028 or email at greenfinance@plenti.com.au

Live Chat

Plenti also supports a Live Chat function within the Broker Portal – once you gain access to the portal, you can chat with Broker Support live.

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