Public EV Charging in Australia

When exploring the possibilities of an EV, one of the most crucial considerations is charging. Whilst you’ll most likely come home with your own charger for home use, you’ll also need to be aware of your charging options while out on the open road. 

While close to home, you’ll likely be able to go a few days between charges, especially if your commute is short. However, if you ever venture away on a road trip, you’ll need to ensure your route 

It’s true that Australia has not caught up with some other countries with regard to public charging infrastructure, but things are changing fast. Keep reading to find out where you can find charging stations, both close to home and far away.

How does EV charging work?

Typically, if you purchase an electric vehicle (EV) from the manufacturer, a wall box charger will be included with the purchase. Some manufacturers require you to buy the charger separately. 

There are three ways to charge an EV: 

  • With a traditional socket, at home or elsewhere
    This is the slowest option, but it’s a good backup in a pinch. Most vehicles come with a cord that can plug directly into a three-prong wall socket, though some will require an adapter for the plug.
  • With a wall box from your manufacturer (AC charger)
    Around 80% of EV owners charge their vehicle this way. Using a wall box charger, your EV will power up much more quickly than with a traditional socket. Boxes are usually installed somewhere around the home, typically in a garage or driveway. There are also several thousand public wall boxes for EV charging across Australia. 
  • Fast chargers (DC charger)
    These are the chargers you’ll find at dedicated charging stations. With these speedy chargers, most EV drivers can power up their car in under an hour. Currently, there are 110 fast charging sites across Australia, with more than 250 chargers across them. Certain car manufacturers allow their new EV customers to use their charging networks free of charge, such as Tesla and Mercedes, which utilises the nation’s largest network, Chargefox. 

The easiest way to locate the nearest charging station is using a map like the EV Charger Map from the Plugshare.  

These maps provide detailed information about the location, accessibility and type of charger available.

Courtesy: Plugshare

As the map shows, there are several dozen level-3 charging sites in states like NSW and Victoria, but public charging infrastructure falls short in other states. This is why planning ahead, and knowing exactly where you can recharge next is crucial when planning an extended trip. Let’s review the charging setup in each Australian state. 

Electric vehicle charging stations Sydney

In NSW, there are a total of 783 charging points. Around 150 of them are DC chargers, or “fast chargers” while 630 are AC or “level 2” chargers. Of these chargers, around 250 are in the Greater Sydney region, while others are dispersed across regional and coastal NSW. 

The state is in the process building 1,000 new EV charging sites, so keep an eye out for new locations.

Electric vehicle charging stations Brisbane

In Queensland, there are 395 charging points, 59 DC chargers and 336 AC chargers. 

Queensland has a unique “electric super highway” which includes 31 EV charging sites that stretch from Coolangatta to Port Douglas, and from Brisbane to Toowoomba, allowing EV drivers to confidently travel these routes knowing fast charging is always close at hand.

Electric vehicle charging stations Western Australia

Western Australia has a total of 227 EV charging sites: 25 DC chargers and 202 AC chargers. 

Earlier this year, WA unveiled its plan to build 90 new EV charging points across 45 locations on key travel routes. 

Electric vehicle charging stations Melbourne

In Victoria, there are 536 EV charging points, with 86 DC chargers and 450 AC chargers. A large majority of charging sites in Victoria are located in the Greater Melbourne area.

Victoria plans to expand its EV charging network with 100 new charging points, with 80% of funding being spent in regional areas.   

Electric vehicle charging stations Adelaide

South Australia has 235 charging points, 19 are DC chargers and 216 are AC chargers. The state has announced it will spend more than $13 million to improve its EV charging network. 

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