Am I eligible for retail investing?

One of the reasons retail lending is on the up and up is how accessible and straightforward it is for investors. Eligibility requirements vary across each retail lending platform, however, to be eligible to invest through the Plenti Lending Platform you must be:

  • An individual over 18 years of age, and a resident in Australia
  • An Australian tax resident company or trust 

Participation is available to all investors including individuals, self-managed superannuation funds, trusts and other entities.

Before you can get investing with Plenti, you are required to:

  • register on the website
  • read the PDS
  • apply to become a member of the Plenti Lending Platform via the website
  • transfer funds onto the platform, once we have accepted your application 

What’s the fine print? 

All applicants must confirm that they have read <the PDS> in its entirety, and then complete the Application Form. Additional identity verification procedures may apply to companies and trustees that do not apply to individual investors. 

Once you have completed the Application Form, we will perform various checks including customer identification and verification checks required under anti-money laundering legislation. If these checks are successful, we will then process your application. You will be notified by email when your membership application is successful.

If this all sounds good and you’re keen to get investing, we first recommend you check out our guide to getting started and have a read of our PDS.  

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