Electric vehicles available in Australia

When shopping for a car, people bring with them all sorts of preferences and must-haves, from the colour to the trim to the year – there’s a lot to consider. But among these age-old factors involved with car-buying, we also have another choice to make: whether or not we choose to drive green. Across the globe, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have skyrocketed in the past two years, with sales nearly doubling in 2020 alone. China and Norway are leading the way, with more than 1.3 million EVs sold in 2020 in China, and 70% of new car sales in Norway being EVs.

Meanwhile, Australia has had a slower start with EVs, thanks to high costs and a lack of government incentives. However, in 2021 there has been a clear uptick in the number of EVs sold, as well as numerous announcements from carmakers regarding the release of additional EV models in the near future. In addition, governments across the country have announced plans to substantially enhance their public charging networks.

While Australia saw just under 6,800 EVs sold in 2020, growth in 2021 has been substantial, with more than 8,600 sold in the first half of the year alone. This was thanks in large part to the introduction of lower-cost EV models, significantly expanding the addressable market of buyers eager for EVs.As we continue to adopt greener solutions for everything from heating our homes to powering our vehicles, we’re making progress every day toward a more sustainable future. 

Interested in buying an EV, but not sure where to start? We’re here to give you a quick reminder of which EVs are available in Australia, including both all-electric and plug-in hybrid models.

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