Surprisingly affordable EVs under $70k

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  • Price: From $38,890
  • Range: 410 km (Dynamic), 490 km (premium)
  • Things we love: Wireless phone charging, 360-degree camera suite and four flashy colours to help you make a statement.
  • Price: From $39,990
  • Range: 310km (Dynamic), 490 km (premium)
  • Things we love: Wireless phone charging, safety features like blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control and, honestly, it’s just damn cute.
  • Price: From $40,287
  • Range: 350 km (Dynamic), 490 km (premium)
  • Things we love: Reverse camera, keyless entry and electric outside mirrors with a heating function to manage the morning frost without freezing your fingers off. 
  • Price: From $44,400
  • Range: 410 km (Standard Range), 480 km (Extended Range)
  • Things we love: Built-in safety features like lane departure warning and intelligent cruise control, 8-year battery warranty, and collapsible back seats for oodles of boot space. 
  • Price: From $45,287
  • Range: 320km 
  • Things we love: Push-to-start, built-in navigation on a colour touch screen and a 360 View Camera for easy parking. 
  • Price: From $52,500
  • Range: 311 km 
  • Things we love: Panoramic fixed glass roof, heated front seats and safety features like traffic sign recognition and 360-degree parking sensors.
  • Price: From $53,550
  • Range: 270km (Leaf), 385 km (Leaf+)
  • Things we love: Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection, Bose 7-speaker sound system and, of course, heated seats.
  • Price: From $59,990
  • Range: 511km 
  • Things we love: Panoramic infotainment system, clever Park Assist technology and Seaqual Bucket Seats made from plastic waste extracted from the ocean. 
  • Price: From $61,900
  • Range: 513 km (Rear-Wheel Drive model), 629 km (Long Range AWD model)
  • Things we love: Different modes, like Dog Mode to keep your pets comfy and Sentry mode to be notified about potential nearby threats, remote access from your phone and insanely fast charging – 15 minutes at a Superchargers gives you an additional 282km of range. Not bad!
  • Price: To be announced
  • Range: 342 km (Standard Range), 490 km (Long Range)
  • Things we love: New, futuristic design, loads of boot space and autonomous braking. 
  • Price: From $65,490
  • Range: 224 km 
  • Things we love: Keyless entry, emergency brake assist, heated seats and a glass sunroof. 
  • Price: From $66,999
  • Range: 532 km (Standard range), 654 km (Long range)
  • Things we love: Loads of design options to customise your ride, adaptive high beam and battery-minded route planning that helps you get the most out of every charge.
  • Price: From $69,800
  • Range: 233 km 
  • Things we love: Charges to 80% in just 36 minutes, adaptive cruise control and MINI app that tells you everything from charging status to whether or not the doors are locked. 

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